Truck finance interest rates are rising. Here's how to fight back

Truck finance interest rates are rising. Here's how to fight back


Inflation is currently a top news story with prices increasing at their fastest pace for more than forty years. Central banks are worried about the situation spiralling out of control, so they’re raising interest rates, including here in the UK.


For the economy, this might be a good thing, but if you're a business looking to take out truck finance, it’s a disaster. Loan quotes are going through the roof as credit becomes more scarce.


How to respond to rising truck finance interest rates

Fortunately, when it comes to truck finance, you don’t just have to put up with higher prices. There are ways to bring down the cost.

Perhaps the best option is to go to Truck2Finance. We don’t sell loans. Instead, we show you what’s available, earning their commission from creditors.

Because of this, Truck2Finance isn’t trying to sell you on one particular loan product, as regular loan providers are. Rather, we have access to the whole market, picking and choosing the deal that makes the most sense for your business.

What’s more, Truck2Finance has a deeper knowledge of the market than regular companies. We go to lenders as your advocate, looking for the best deal on your behalf, and telling you about all the hidden fees you might face.

On top of this, we can help you negotiate the best price. Deals we strike with creditors routinely work out cheaper for you over the long run.


Our advice

If you’re worried about the increasing cost of truck finance, don’t just put up with it. Even if interest rates are rising, there are always deals to be had.

If you go to the market on your own, you have to accept whatever deal the lender offers you. But if you come to us, you can explore the whole market.

Truck2Finance helps you explore your options

We show you the deals available for businesses of your size and help you secure them. Our goal is to lower your long-term costs and help you mitigate the impact of future interest rate hikes.