Can I get credit as a foreign national?

Can I get credit as a foreign national?

Can I get credit as a foreign national?

If you're looking for truck finance as a foreign national, it can be a daunting prospect. However, with the right finance company, there is a good chance you could be approved for an affordable and suitable finance deal for you. This could let you kickstart the next step of your career by allowing you to afford your ideal truck.

Will you get approved?

The critical thing is whether you're able to prove you have a Right to Remain. If you're able to prove that you have the necessary permission to reside and work in the UK, there's no reason that you should not be able to get credit subject to status. If you're unsure about whether or not you will qualify for credit, you can always contact a finance specialist, and they will be happy to help you based on your specific circumstances.

As with all aspects of finance, approval will be subject to status. As long as you are able to meet the standards we require with documented proof, you stand a very good chance of being approved for the credit you're looking for.

Who can be helped?

Finance companies help everyone who is looking for finance for their next truck. Investing in a new truck is a daunting prospect, but it can be essential to take the next step in your career, whether you're starting a logistics business or working as an owner/driver.

Professional finance companies have helped a wide variety of clients to get behind the wheel of their own trucks through our range of finance options. We've helped everyone from new-start businesses to those with poor credit get the finance deal they're looking for. Remember that your circumstances may dictate the terms of the finance you're offered, but they may not necessarily mean you're not able to get a deal at all.

That means whatever your circumstances, as long as you're able to demonstrate your right to live and work in the UK and you're aware that all finance offers are subject to status, you should make your application today.

How does Truck Finance work?

If you're going to apply for a truck finance deal, it's important to know how it works. Fortunately, the process is easy:

- First use our online calculator to calculate your estimated payments

- Then make your application with all necessary supporting documents required

- Wait for our team to review your application and make a decision

- We examine your chosen truck to make sure that it's suitable and roadworthy

- Sign the documents and make the contract official, then get your money

It's really as simple as that. In just five simple steps, you could be able to get behind the wheel of the truck you need to carry you into the next phase of your career. As long as you understand that all finance offers are subject to status and you have demonstrable proof of your right to work and live in the UK, you could get a great finance deal fast.

Use the Truck2Finance online calculator to estimate your payments today.