5 Best Trucks

5 Best Trucks

5 Best Trucks

The transportation of goods is essential for businesses of all sizes. To ensure that your company's goods reach their destination in optimal condition, you need a heavy-duty and robust truck to carry them. There are many different makes and models of trucks on the market. This guide will examine some of the best trucks around according to haulage companies and could help you to find the ideal truck for your business needs.

Scania R Series

The Scana R Series trucks are a heavyweight solution to your trucking needs. They are specifically designed to carry large and heavy cargo while maximising their uptime on the roads.

With engines that are renowned for their fuel efficiency within the haulage industry, they can be extremely cost-effective and can minimise the wastage of your resources. They have been engineered to cut fuel usage by 3%.

The trucks can be configured to your requirements, allowing you to create a bespoke model that fits your individual trucking needs. In the event of a breakdown, Scania can even diagnose the problem remotely to get your drivers back onto the road as soon as possible.


DAF is one of the heavy-hitters in the haulage sector and the CF trucks are excellent all-rounders. Suited to both long and short-haul transportation, you can enjoy low fuel consumption and high torque and power.

This is one of the most eco-friendly trucks available too, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by up to 7% each time it is on the road. As a result, you can lower your business's carbon footprint. These trucks are both safe and comfortable to keep the driver protected on long journeys.

Volvo FH

Designed to maximise the productivity of your haulage journeys and cut down on fuel costs or downtime, this truck also offers a safe and secure driving experience. It can cope with immense weights and can be designed for your needs.

Volvo's dynamic steering system gives the driver ultimate control and prevents skidding or slippages into the wrong lane. This steering system is excellent at preventing muscle strains on long trips. The FH is also available in a variety of sleeper cab options, including low sleeper cab, regular sleeper cab and globetrotter cab.

Mercedes-Benz Actros

The Actros focuses on reliability and productivity, combining the two to produce a truck that is extremely robust and ideally suited to long-haul journeys and heavy-duty transportation.

These trucks are intended to be extremely safe and comfortable while making long journeys easier. They can be customised to fit your needs with a variety of options, including different sleep cab choices.

Scania P Series

The P series is an extremely versatile truck with a lightweight cab and is perfect for regional haulage and trucking and urban roads. The cab can be customised with or without a bed. These trucks have been created with safety as a paramount feature. They are also incredibly productive and built to last.

How can I get finance for my truck?

At Truck2Finance, we offer competitive rates on finance and use multiple lenders to find you the best deal. We have helped haulage companies to expand their fleets and replace their old trucks with new ones. Our online application form is quick and simple, so please contact us today for a quote.